Traveling elsewhere in the world can be incredibly rewarding, especially when enjoyable activities await while travelers are away. For those who have particular hobbies and interests, organizing vacations around these passions can be a great idea. For example, companies like golf select make it easy for avid golfers to arrange holidays that center around their favorite sport.

While Australia itself has plenty of great golf to offer, the rest of the world does not lack for amazing places to host golfing holidays, either. Many golfers find that a visit to the sport’s ancestral homeland of Scotland, for example, can prove to be incredibly memorable.

Any such visit will likely center around the links at St. Andrews, a course that probably ranks as the most famous in the entire world. With centuries’ worth of golfing history to boast, St. Andrews is the kind of place that can make a deep impression on even the best traveled of golfers.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that the style of golfing typical of Scotland is not always the sunny, comfortable kind that golfers prize so much in Australia. In fact, many of Scotland’s best courses are almost continually buffeted by winds rolling in off the sea, making for some challenging play for many.

Those planning a trip to Scotland for some memorable golfing experiences therefore typically do well to prepare beforehand. For one thing, having access to light, flexible windbreakers and the like will make things a lot more pleasant, with a golfing umbrella or two also generally being considered a must.

There are also good ways that golfers can hone their skills to account for an upcoming trip. While the relatively calm winds of many Australian courses can allow for high, soaring shots that land and stop quickly, Scottish weather often demands another approach.

In order to account for the typically high winds, golfers often find that it makes much more sense to strive for low, rolling shots, even with relatively short approaches. While mastering skills of these kinds is not strictly necessary for enjoying golfing at St. Andrews and other Scottish classics, a little preparatory work at the range will never hurt.